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Kens Apartment Management Software With Accounting
About The Software

Apartment and Accounting Software has been designed and developed to ease the entire process, which would otherwise be laborious. The concept of Accounts Module is anybody can maintain the accounts without any accounts background. Once the initials setup is done like Apartment info, Company info, Accounts Group/Class, Ledgers, Tax Components all that is required thereafter is capture the payments, receipts, invoices(external/internal) information correctly. With this you get all your reports and statements like

  • End of the day(EOD) Income /Expense statement (Profit /Loss),
  • EOD Trial balance sheets,
  • EOD Balance sheets,
  • Payable
  • Receivables
  • Various Tax Components/Payables/Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash Statement
  • Asset Depreciation

Main Features

  • Cloud Hosted – 100% uptime/no break downs.
  • Hosted in Rackspace USA, Cloud, meaning 100% secure, with all international security features
  • Complete software E Based. Paperless technology (go green). Print only that is required.
  • Facility to upload all Owners, Members, Units, Apartment data’s.
  • A Calculator to calculate the Maintenance Fee based on Area and post to all Owners in one click.
  • Each Owner has his own accounts window to see their account details of payments made, payments pending etc.
  • Internal Messaging System and Notice Boards.
  • All internal approvals done electronically. Approvals of all documents by higher ups by E-Communication. (E Approvals)
  • Automatic Ledger Creation. No individual entry required.
  • Report generation for “ End of the day” or for any period
  • Auditor Ready Reports
  • Access from anywhere and from mobile phones too.
  • And many more features and many more features in the pipeline, where up-dation will be free.
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